Mobile Redirect

A "mobile redirect" means that the website detected you are on a mobile device and it tries to force you to a different website which is "optimized" for mobile.  This is better than having no mobility at all, but often frustrates people who already have familiarity with a website and suddenly find the mobile version is missing important information and links.  People are also confused as they don't always understand that they are not looking at the actual website rather a watered-down version.  Often they will give up and wait until they can get on a desktop/laptop computer or just go to a competitors site that doesn't have the same pain point.  

You might see this redirect at the bottom of the site

Other issues: 

If you are a business or a self-employed individual with a site, a mobile redirect can become difficult and expensive to manage.  If the mobile version of your site is a simplified but separate website from the original, then website changes become difficult and costly.  What happens if you just want a paragraph of text change, or a simple image swapped out for another one?  You might be calling a web developer and being charged double to make the change in two places.

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